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act of holding open ones meat wallet...while blowing into the recess...resulting in a low pitch bass note
1. i'm fixin to go poonjuggin tonight with cousin cletis.....
2. look at the size of that meat wallet...i can poonjug sweet beats all night...
3. my mom taught me how to play the poonjug at age 12....
by White Mike/Toby Kinte February 10, 2005
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n.) A poonjug is a 2.2 liter water bottle that is shaped like a water cooler jug but is smaller in size. It is made for holding the doctor recommended 8 glasses of water per day, but is very useful for holding large quantities of Tang and other beverages. These jugs can be found all over, specifially Walgrenes.
Lets fill up our poonjugs so that we can stay hydrated all day with the orangy goodness of Tang!
by Benabus November 27, 2004
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