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When a man and woman, (or two men or two women) put a tube up their arse so they are joined by their anus and the tube and shit into the tube to make a mixof poo or alternatively shit up their partners arse.
Steve was going to the movies but decided to stay home and do some poo tubing with his dog
by sphraoncntoonr December 04, 2010
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Enjoying youtube while taking a poo
Matt: Hey Joe, where you going

Joe: Going to do some PooTubing
by FerrisMcFly March 28, 2011
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The act of browsing and watching youtube videos while sitting on the toilet.
Usually achieved by using a mobile or laptop.
Friend 1: BRB need the loo

(15 mins later)

Friend 1: Back

Friend 2: What took you so long

Friend 1: Sorry dude. Was Pootubing
by Trippy_xD March 31, 2011
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