The type of guy who really fucking shit his pants with a stripe down his ass cheeks but says “nah dawg trust me i sat in that granola bar
That nigga Jeff just went poo poo nigga call him out... he really putting in the time tellin’ me it ain’t shit?
by Only9Keys March 24, 2019
The ultimate roast to people who are complete retards that did something wrong to themselves and exposes it in public.
Guy1:”hey guys I lost my job cuz I pissed off my boss, any tips?”
Memelord: “poo poo headass nigga
by Poopoolord9000 July 10, 2018
ur mom, but not the editors mom. the editors mom is cool.
poo poo dick nigga in yo mom haha bitch
fuck you
by peepeedickballsblackguy April 27, 2021