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Poo envy can happen when you are traveling with someone and the change in environment backs you both up to the point of sharing a prolonged stage of bloated discomfort.

Once one of you poos, the other will experience major POO ENVY.

Poo envy can also develop when you have been dissatisfied with your poos and then one friend gloats that they just had otherworldly poogasm and now finds herself in a state of poohoria.
I would have enjoyed our walk through Paris a lot more had I not been consumed with poo envy after you beat me to it.
by AG5000 August 19, 2014
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This happens when your friend tells you he is in desperate need of a turn out and all of a sudden you get who envy and your bum piece starts fluctuating, you immediately think 'where is the nearest toilet?'
Also known as
Bum Yawn Syndrome
Barry "okay leave me alone now I am in desperate need of a poo"
Richard "oh god I've got poo envy now"
by UncleRico1979 September 20, 2014
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