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Ponylicious is to used to describe a person that is just so cute/awesome that they are just ponylicious. they are also the most energetic person on the earth. they are just called ponylicous because some douche couldn't think of a better nickname. the person that has the nickname "ponylicious" can also be the most annoying person in the room at times. he/she is also the most popularperson and I known by everyone.
rick; Hey, Ponylicous!
josh; What up, Ponylicious!
rick; *whispers to Josh* he can be pretty annoying sometimes...
josh; *whispers back* I know right?! but I'm still jealous of him, he is the coolest EVER!
rick; *whispers* yeah, I guess you are right...
by herrochina12345 October 06, 2016
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