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a girl who in a particular situation resembles a ghost or witch. originally a malaysian legend about a female vampire known as the pontianak.
tell claire to tie her hair up...she looks like some pontianak with her hair down
by blue May 10, 2004
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stupid ass retard who thinks his car is fast, even though my stock acura legend, thats a sedan four doors, will smoke it any day, and also he is an idiot in general for owning a mustang, if he only knew how gay they are he would burn it in his front yard
example 1.i went out racing on a saturday night, there were 2 girls in a 1992 mustang gt,they thought it would be funny to race me, they lost
example 2. i went out on a sunday evening and saw a convertable 1990 mustang, i thought it would be funny to race them and beat them, it was
by demus December 31, 2003
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