a male could be described as 'ponce number 1' if he is a hat fanatic, has been found comparing himself to 'light speed champion' and only tries it on with girls in top set for English. A ponce number one would wear boating shoes but tries on women's high heels in his spare time. They like "designers" and are constantly branded with Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister. He takes pride in his basement and having sexual activities performed on him while playing on an Xbox. The worst kind of twat, this ponce is constantly sarcastic but never fails to amuse.
"I knew ponce number 1 was poncely, but what's with the boating shoes?"

SOPHIA: i saw ponce number one wearing that reversible fur trapper the other day.
DANIELLA: come on, at least he wasn't wearing girls' shoes..
SOPHIA: i heard he stores them in his basement.

DANIELLA: (laughs) But I heard he got a handjob while playing on his Xbox..
SOPHIA: innit, that is SO ponce
by greyfrust September 19, 2009
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