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1--- Pompompom has many definitions, the most common and widely accepted being that members of one race consider themselves intrinsically superior to members of other races.

2--- There are many different varieties of pompompom which are usually named after the various seasonings served on or with it.

3--- The pompompom (also called pompompom, p0mp0mp0m, pmommopomp, pomX3, triplepom, or pompompomm) are poms speaking indigenous pom tribe and the third largest ethnic group in Pomland. They live on the southern and eastern slopes of Mount Pompommanjaro and Mount Pomru, as well as in the Pompom area.

Or maybe it's a pun (pom? LOL) used by young french ppl for pornpornporn, but itd be.. kind of sad, right?
Example 1 :
nigga: tell me whyyyy whyyy... why must i cry..
a guy: pompompom

Example 2 :
wigga: damn Im starving..
a guy: wanna eat this delicious pompompom together?
wigga: sure

Example 3 :
ronny: salu c moa . jf& 2 lob&siT morbid.
ronny: sa vo l& mek soy& m& ami oks6
pompom speaker: pompompom al& lom!! pompompompom
by YARIDOVICHZz March 08, 2008
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