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Pomowanker = postmodern jerk-off. Identifiable by, among other things, a self-indulgent propensity for bullshit, acadamese and weasel-words; for prefacing anything remotely resembling an opinion with "I'm not sure that" or "It could be argued that"; for never stating an opinion outright but insinuating instead by sneering irony that it's not intellectually respectable or defensible actually to hold an opinion on anything, much less a positive opinion. Nihilism in academic drag.
Coined by Lindsay Perigo at Sense of Life Objectivists.
1. "Brendan is a pomowanker, interested only in word games."
2. "Contemporary luminaries influenced by Gramsci include the pomowanker Foucault, unsurprisingly, and, chillingly, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown."
3. "I loathe pomowanker amoralists with nothing to say taking volumes to say it, piling on the footnotes citing other pseuds, writing for each other like adolescents."
by organon November 07, 2007
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