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1. Ghettoer than ghetto; ghettoest
2. Term invented by Sharif Shakhshir meaning as ghetto or ghettoer than the City of Pomona
Damn that booty is pomonified!

Our school's text books stop at Nixion! This shit is pomonified.

Your house is so pomonified third world countries send you money.
by Sharif Shakhshir April 08, 2004
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a word that looks like pornofied from far away
dude 1: My car is so pomonified it's not even funny.
dude 2: what, like there's a bunch of victoria secret things and playboy magazines in there?
dude 1: wtf are you talking about?
dude 2: huh?
dude 1: ...?
dude 2: okayyyyyy... anyways...
by Pluto is a Planet April 21, 2009
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