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One who has a hipster attitude, but is so far gone that s/he believes that even hipsters are too mainstream; a rejection altogether of hipster culture, sometimes in favor of fitting in with the mainstream (not ironically--that is too hipster) in order be indistinguishable from the pack and difficult to classify. Pomo hipsters (also known as posters or pomo-mini-hipsters, in reference to post-modern minimalistic hipsters) can be seen wearing clothing choices that are nondescript; Logo's are no-go's for a pomo hipster. Pomo hipsters are literally the post-contemporary hipster--they are so hipster that they cannot bare to be hipsteresque. Most of the time, a pomo-hipster can only be picked out from a crowd from her/his tastes--posters will throw out most mainstream music and indie music, and will claim an interest in art not for its brooding nature and social impact but "because it is just kind of fun." Mainly, pomo hipsters are pretentious, but ahead of the hipster curve.
Person 1: "Wow, he hates everything mainstream--he is such a hipster!"

Person 2: "No, he wouldn't be caught dead wearing a beanie or listening to Arcade Fire."
Person 1: "Good point. He is definitely a pomo hipster"
by Aspartame, 2nd Century Greece September 28, 2011
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