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The unofficial alcoholic beverage of the Subgenii. Polyester Slack is made by substituting vodka for water when making Berry Blue Kool Aid, thus yielding a vaguely irridescent semi-opaque liquid that is similar in apprearance to the blue goo consumed by Dave at the end of the film 2001.

Polyester Slack is a poor substitute for real slack, but comes in handy when real slack is in short supply.

Words of warning: mixing vodka with any flavor of Kool Aid other than the elusive Berry Blue will not yield Polyester Slack. Vodka mixed with non-Berry Blue flavors makes a beverage known as a Jim Jones!
Saint Statik, Healer of Appliances: Yo man, I found Berry Blue for sale online!

Right Reverend Micky D: Fuk yah! Polyester Slack returns!
by daverpdx April 26, 2007
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