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A Pollaby is indeed a rare creature. Just like it's mythical sister, The Sphinx, the Pollaby is made up of many disparate parts. In silhouette it resembles a capital B due to its protruding Flesh Hammock and low hanging pierced man boob. A pelican neck overlooks this mutant body, which is covered by thick, matted hair on the back only. Known to be rampantly homosexual, the Pollaby can be found encouraging young children to wear pyjamas on weekday evenings when it will encourage bodily contact. The Pollaby will investigate every way of talking to strangers, including old forgotten methods of amateur radio and harassing of Gun obsessed Americans
I was watching Nightmare on Elm Street the other day. That Freddie Kruger is nearly as scary as a Pollaby
by Dredded Joe August 23, 2017
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