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1. to shop around for women.
2. to enjoy the company of multiple women.
3. to find a new mate when the old one gets boring.
4. to enjoy a wide variety of snacks.
5. to avoid responsibility.

Background: this term originated from the initial term "pulling an Andy". In greek mythology, a hero named Andy dated Hera's sister, and fought Hera to her bitter death just to stay with Hera's sister. Once Hera was defeated, he dumped Hera's sister, and dated Zeus' daughter. And from that point on, polandy became a widely used term to describe such incidences.
1. you're polinanandy, man you got laid.

2. you're polinanandy, you're a playa.

3. you're polinanandy, you backstabbed me.

4. you're polinanandy, you dated my sister.
by andy french December 18, 2004
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