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1. The authority to lie and steal
2. A incredible accusation industry.
3. The real sovereign citizens movement.

4. the authorization for public civil servants to act uncivilized.
when the police officer asked me to identify myself I told him my name.
when he asked for a document from the department of public safety,

and said he could not take my word for it.

I told him I tried to get identified at that government agency,

but no one there knew who I was and could not identify me.

He then called me a smart ass for telling the truth and used

his police powers to put me in chains..
by HarpoMason October 22, 2018
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This means that the police can do what ever the hell they want to keep you from breaking the law even though they can.
to make sure that i did not another speeding ticket the police wrote me an extremely high ticket so that when i paid it i would be broke. Therefore i would not have a car to speed in anymore. That is police power.
by Ninjamonk February 24, 2009
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