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The sexual act in which a user lifts themselves onto a pole spreading there anus and covering the top end of the pole completely (pole preferably metal). They then begin to "ride the pole," this is done by lifting themselves up and down repeatidly in a sexual suggestive manner. In doing so this forces the pole further down the rectum. This is done for as long as the user wishes and until they are completely satisfied, if lacking pole riding experience it may often end in a bloody mess, although if done correctly the user can aviod a large amount of unwanted blood loss. Pole riding can be quite sexualy arousing and is often used in preparation for the receiving end of anul. Limping may occur afterwards for a long period of time.
St. G - hey chris did you see the new pole they put in by the home depot

Chris - ya man it's nice and fat, i've already hit it up

St. G - ohh... that explains the limping

Chris - ya pole riding's the shit!
by sick man May 29, 2006
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