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The slang for 'toes' in Cypriot. Cypriot is a Greek dialect.
The fingers are called Da-kti-lah in Greek so the toes are called jokingly Po-kti-la. from Po-dia which means feet.

They can also be called Ji-ktila. In Cypriot, Ji (pronounced - jee) means over there, and Da (pronounced - thah) means over here. So Da-kti-lah (fingers) are 'over here', therefore toes (that are further away, so, over there) are called Ji-kti-lah.
Eforisa tounta ppoushtopapoutsa je epagosan ta poktila mou!
I put on these fuckin shoes and my toes are freezing!

Pienne pkio Ji je elises me!
Move over, you're squashing me!

Ela Da na sou po kkio kouentes!
Come here i wanna tell you somethin!
by pana mina January 15, 2007
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