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after rolling a tonk spliff a pokey tool is used to compress and compact the bud inside to make a tighter joint

a pokey tool has to be something strong enough and narrow enough to push down the bud inside the rizla preferbly the filter on a fag or a pen

"oi clart, chuck us a pokey tool ive just rolled a phat marley"
by nelson bates July 26, 2006
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A thin rod or needle shaped object, usually made from sturdy materials such as metal, plastics or wood that is used to clear the ash from a beat bowl pack. When a bowl has been packed and smoked thoroughly, the pokey tool is employed to dislodge and clear the remaining ash, often times so that another bowl may be packed and consumed. The pokey tool is multipurpose, also able to be used to pack the end of a blunt or joint, most likely so that a mouthpiece or 'filter' may be inserted.
A bent and straightened paper clip makes a great go-to pokey tool.
by Love MaSheen March 09, 2011
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