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Usually a girl, commonly found playing online games.

With all the qualities of a normal wallflower, this type of person is seemingly shy with low self-esteem, soft spoken, with average attractiveness.

Because they seem like such a decent person, you have no qualms about sharing your life story or dickpics with them.

HOWEVER. Once you're lulled into the false sense of security the poisonous wallflower projects, they viciously use this information against you in various ways that aren't always apparent.

How to spot a poisonous wallflower:
-Has many friends of the opposite gender on the internet, because at heart, they're an attention whore
-Deems themselves 'awkward', yet is able to spot a social faux pas easily
-Soft or quiet voice, uses a lot of flowery language to cover up their ill intentions
-Easily forgivable
-Has extensive knowledge of 4chan related things, yet seems very innocent
-Curses a lot when typing, but usually not over any voice services such as skype or teamspeak
-Adept at leading people on

The best way to deal with a poisonous wallflower is to deny them attention, namely blocking or ignoring them. If you try to show the world their evil ways, they'll turn it into a "victim" situation, where you're the one in the wrong.
Neil: "Sara is actually pretty cool for a girl gamer."
"Don't fall for it bro, she's actually a cold-hearted poisonous wallflower who will pretend she cares about you before casually admitting she hates you."
Neil: "Nahh dude, she's chill I swear."

Two weeks later, Neil committed suicide.
by senpaisan August 12, 2013
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