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Peak oiler, one who subscribes to the belief, originating with Shell Oil geophysicist M. King Hubbert in 1956, followed by Colin J. Campbell, a retired British petroleum geologist, that world oil supplies will, following a bell-shaped discovery and production curve, soon be exhausted and the collapse of industrial society will follow. Hubbert correctly predicted the peak around 1970, but everything else he foresaw failed to eventuate due to continued discovery and endowment, particularly Alaskan and offshore reserves, and culminating in the hydraulic fracturing revolution in the U.S. Often simultaneously subscribed to by warmists, those believers in catastrophic man-made global warming, who predict that unless we stop using fossil fuels, the world will overheat. Ergo, the two beliefs, peak oil and anthropogenic climate change are fundamentally incompatible.
The poiler said: "People who claim the central banks print money are peak oil deniers, as it is the high and increasing real cost of fuel that is slowly and certainly strangling industrial economies".
The temple of Hubbert's peak is the most holy site of the poilers.
The poilers — many of whom quietly want the world to run out of oil — say Hubbert was right.
There were many poilers at the fracking protest.

Bob: Remember that girl I met at the peace camp in '67?
Ted: Yeah.
Bob: The one I, you know...
Ted: Yeah, you and a dozen other guys.
Bob: Well I saw her in '99 at the Seattle WTO gig, we ended up in the same cell, and now she's a mad poiler. She's got six kids and says one of them is mine.
Ted: Don't freak out, man. That kid'll be an adult now. Just go with the flow.
by Oksanna January 12, 2014
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This is a word commonly used to refer to a chronic masturbater, usually of the male sex.
That guy at the porn convention was a huge poiler.
I think that guy was poiling in the bathroom
by TOADSQUAD July 24, 2012
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