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An event where a dozen anti-social badasses from online who get together in a sad attempt to try to be social.

Sad. Really, really, really sad.
Did you see those pictures from Poecon? For guys who talk a lot of shit online, they sure do look like the biggest losers in the world.
by LOL I AM USING THE INTERNETS December 26, 2004
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POECON is the semi-annual summer-camp for the Inner Cabal of the Portal of Evil, where these Masters of the Online Universe gather to let down their hair and indulge in bacchanalian excesses that would make Caligula blush. There are a hundred eye-popping rumors about POECONS, involving groinal fireworks, inflatable grandmothers, the improbable quantities of liquor, and skinnydipping retards, some or most of which may be true.
Burning Man? Forget that shit, I'm going to POECON.
by Theo C. Cupier III November 04, 2004
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