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literally "pot odyssey"

differs from simply "cruising" because cruising lasts at the most 4 or 5 hours while pot odysseys can last for much longer.

usually the length of the pot odyssey is undetermined at the start, because many pot odysseys are a mistake of toking too much.

when one is cruising, he/she is just getting munchies food or going to parties, but podysseys involve those as well as doing stupid retarded/random shit such as:::

-taking craps in neighbor's yards
-jumping into a lake

-driving into the woods to toke
-getting attacked by wild animals while in said woods
-getting into some form of trouble amongst people
-pathos or an emotional ending to the night

*if the definition is not entirely clear, many stoner films include podysseys, most famously "harold and kumar" or "pineapple express"
"dude that podyssey last night was insane!! And the way that guy was chasing us with a bat down 5th?? hahaha omg!!"
"dude i know! it was scary but hilarious"
by surfergeorge113 February 25, 2010
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