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A lover of evil retrograde totalitarians masquerading as Democrats, whether in ignorance or with devotion of a serf, or in Illuminati subservience seeking benefits. The word originates from PODESTA which was the title of a regional chief magistrate during medieval times + -PHILE a lover of or preference for the subject of the suffix.
The word's use began during the 2106 US Presidential Election cycle, after the complete failure of the Democratic Party to represent anything approaching democratic principles. Beginning with their superdelegates lording over the people's choice, then came the top down violation of Party neutrality witnessed in the circumvention of the Democratic selection of their candidate by popular vote.

Despite the individual's removal from the primary process, Party loyalists still turned out to vote for someone ON RECORD advocating the fixing of foreign free and Democratic elections to represent Democracy to the world. The truth in her own voice was not what they wanted to hear, even though the rest of the world had heard Hillary say the Palestinian election had to be fixed? Even after being defeated in the general election, a democratic process would not stem such blind devotion to leadership and would drive them into the streets in violent upheaval. A podestaphile loves their leadership in blind devotion with no regard for Democracy, principle or integrity.
That podestaphile rapper, Rick Ross, looks like one too many babies drove him mad enough to say the only thing anyone can say in America that will put you in jail for a long time.
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by The PaxMacian November 16, 2016
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