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The pocket rhino is the most famous prank in the book. You get down on one knee and pretend to propose to your lover. You reach into your pocket... and pretend to have trouble finding the ring. As she eagerly awaits the ring emerging from the pocket... you give her a quick one-two punch with the hand that was concealed in the pocket. You then proceed to donkey punch her in the pussy until she is on the verge of a coma. As she is about to slip into a sweet long sleep... you strip her naked and smear blueberries all over her body. After this, it is necessary to put her near a bee hive so that the bees may feast upon her sweet blue body. IF she still likes you after all this.... then you do it again until she realizes that you are one sick fuck. Once she has come to this realization... you ask her for her hand in marriange.
Alan G. proposed to his first 14 wives soon after pulling out the ole "pocket rhino" on their asses.
by PUBEHEADS February 08, 2005
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