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Abbreviation that stands for "push me to the edge"

This is a term used sarcastically in situations when people are trying one's life, but there is nothing he or she (the one whose life is getting tried) can do about it. Thus, the victim would use pmtte as a cry for mercy, but also to notify the unfuckwithable offender or wrongdoer of his or her offense or wrongdoing.

Origin: The inspiration for this definition derives from the Lil Uzi Vert song 'XO Tour Llif3' although the saying comes from long before the song
Mark: *sends a girl (Suzy) three consecutive snapchats and all are left on read

On the fourth snap he asks a deep question

Suzy (replies): idk

Mark (after being neglexted and helpless to start a conversation but is unable to retaliate against Suzy): pmtte
by Cmoney32:) June 25, 2017
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