pick-me ass bitch

A person who is NoT LikE tHe OTher GiRLs but can also be a nice guy. They want someone to pick them, so they put down others and sometimes compromise their own sense of self worth for the sake of impressing others.
person 1: females really don’t know how to keep a mans. they need to shut up and submit. let them cheat if they want.
person 2: imagine being such a pick-me ass bitch (pmab)
by kallaxis November 21, 2018
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A phrase that is most commonly used while or before the use of marijuana. P.M.A.B is an acronism for Pack Me A Bowl. It thus entails word play that uses the letters PMAB...see examples..
Pardon Mister Albert Berstien
Pussy Makes Asians Blind
Punt Midgets Across Bangkok
Pilgrams Make Assholes Bleed
People Martyr Assinine Bitches
Pamela's marvelous at blowing

by FlavaRave March 3, 2010
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