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Is a woman who is free like the wind and doesn't take anything from anyone. Usually very impatient but very sexy and has a way with words so she can usually get what she wants and fast. Don't be fooled by that though Pluvia's have a kind Heart and very caring of people and making sure everyone is happy or at least tries, they will always be there to help you out even if you're a stranger; they usually get fucked over by others because of how open they are to people and how easily they open their heart thinking everyone is their friend. Pluvia means rain in Latin and if your Pluvia doesn't enjoy the rain it's okay because they do get super wet... if you know what I mean, sometimes so much that you have to swim to the butt and she'll let you. Pluvia is always down to fuck and has a high sex drive and most of them will cook you a bomb ass meal after she makes you cum.
"Damn, did you see Pluvia this morning? Her pussy was looking nice and fat thru those yoga pants"
by Roadrunner77 April 03, 2017
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