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A "Ploof'A'Loom" is a hair style created by Jason F. He has known alias's such as 'fish' 'dolphin kid' 'kid that can shrink'. All those alias's suck, therefore from this moment on they no longer exist.
But back to the Ploof'A'Loom. The hairs style was first discovered by Jason F. after days and days of Multi-cultural crafts class. Where he wouldnt shut up, not even for a moment. Him and his four table companions were forced to make animals out of styrophoam, jason chose to make a Dancing cracked out cat with a Ploof'A'Loom.
"What the hells a Ploof'A'Loom, people would ask. And Jason would answer saying that it is a hiar style that consists of forming a sort of PloofIsh Loom on the front of your hair. ANd it all made sense considering there was visual aid, Jason and his cracked out cat.
Ploof'A'Loom also developed into a series of stories written by jason, in which a Snowman who hates his wife and snowman son that has snowlioses. He then starts a crime group called Ploof'A'Loom, in which each styrophoam animal made at Jasons table joins and so their adventures begin.
Cracked out cat is safe somewhere onj a dresser, his foot broke on the escape form school, but he is entirely fine a cracked out even still!!!!
"Whats with your hair?"
answer:It's a ploof"A'Loom.
"whats a ploof'A'Loom?"
answer: It's a hair style, it's a ploofing loom on your head.
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