to have a great time with your friends in a city you have not visited before (can involve drinking, but doesn't have to).
we may be playing ducks with person A and person B.
by ducksrus December 23, 2012
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• Pretending to be oblivious;
Dont play the duck when you're a goose, silly!
(Like when you know that they know that you know they're lying but they duck the truth looking like a silly goose).

• It can walk like a duck, it can talk like a duck- but it's still a fucking goose.
(You're not even fooling you, silly goose).

• Duck the pigs, you silly goose.
(Got birds in the back, trying not to quack).

Something she would say: "You dont have to play the duck around me, I'm pretty chill".
by SARADOX (plutos promise) January 10, 2020
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