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A unique specimen who supposedly calls him/herself president, when in fact the majority of their already limited knowledge comes from Google Searches and Cable news. They have no interest in "intelligence briefings". They have no knowledge of even there own party, and have no knowledge of their history or culture. They used this Party to get to power as it most suited at this time.

Instead of using party faithful for cabinet positions, a Plastic President will fill the halls of power will family, friends from the club and real life representations of DC comics Legion of Doom.

The Plastic President is also remote controlled. Using a repurposed wi remote a "foreign agent" can take control at any given time using the codeword "Please help me skin this bear Vladamir"

Also being plastic makes it easy to wipe pee off after a golden shower.
"MR Putin, The Plastic President in now online and awaiting you orders"

"Please hose down the Plastic President to avoid that longterm sticky feeling we have been getting after such activities "
by Trumper Dumper January 14, 2017
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