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A person with a oversized abnormal head, a head that is not in proportion to the rest of the body. Some will think there is existence on there. This planet head can usualy be seen from outer space by the naked eye. A planet head usualy thinks he is right and is the most boring person you have met in your life.
Sam: Mate have seen the size of your head?? its like a planethead dude.

Timmy: Yeh i know its upsetting.

Sam: Mate shut up and boreoff you boring planetheaded cunt.
by Dan Glee Balls August 23, 2006
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someone whos got a head shaped like a moon cresent especially the ones with the smiley faces who wear pajamas with a pom-pom on the hat piece.
they also seem to be really thick people that have eyes that dont concentrate.
looks like they have planets flying round there head.
look at planet head sitting on their own looking out the window with a bit of dribble
by i ate all the pies June 24, 2004
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