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A sexual plan to be carried out by b1 and b2. Can only be attempted by those who are incredibly horny and love to experiment. Plan 69 can be carried out by:

1) Start by showering. This is to warm each other up and you must kiss and rub each other. Make sure to get hard and wet.
2) Once out of the shower, perform oral on your partner MAKING SURE you tease a lot. After each is satisfied, try out a 69 until you're ready to fuck her tits.
3) If you don't have any lube, suck on her tits for a while to get them wet and make sure your cock is still wet from the blowjob. Fuck her tits but make sure you don't cum yet!
4) Lay back on the bed and let her get on top of you. Let her ride your cock.
5) After she's tired, get her to lay back and fuck her missionary style, kissing each other.
6) If you can still fuck without cumming (you may have to slow down), fuck her really fast doggy style until youre close to finishing
7) Get her back on top and ride until you cum. Cum inside her and get her to continue riding your cock and cum to make a nice frothy milkshake. If she's really dirty get her to drink it.
b1: b2, i'm really horny tonight, ive masturbated 3 times in the past 3 hours and I think I can last an entire plan 69
b2: okay b1. Let's go to the shower and do plan 69.
by breeeent June 27, 2007
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