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A slang term for pussy. Where you would find the "man in the boat". Also known as:

pussy, vagina, poon, cunt, snatch, beaver, twat, cooter gash, muff, cooch box, coochie slit, love box, honey pot, bearded clam hole, cum dumpster, fish taco, fuckhole, snapper, bearded taco, cockpit, finger hut, peach, tampon socket, cooze crack, fillet-o-fish, fly catcher, gates of heaven, hot box, meat wallet, vertical smile, cum depository, love canal, wishing well slit, snatch, stench trench, tampon socket, tool shed, tunnel, twat, vagina, vertical smile, whisker box, x, yoni
Inspired by censorship from Snoops track -I wanna fuck you-
"Cause pizil is pizil and baby your pizil for life"

You can also call someone a pizil:
Stop being a pizil and come down to my office.
by Mr PT January 19, 2007
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