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An endless and usually contradictory stream of requests - from "business guys" - to move an image or part of a web page up|left|right|down X pixels so that it lines up with some other arbitrary and unrelated part of the web application.

An often fatal disease, mostly affecting business owners and project managers which typically ends in a horrible death - usually by bludgeoning with the nearest blunt implement (a keyboard to the face is a common cause of death).
Business Guy: "Hey, front end guy, could you just move that line of text so that the bottom of it lines up with the top of the letter 'M' in the third paragraph of the second column six words from the left and diagonally across from that image of a flux capacitor?"

Front End Guy: "Dude, I've had enough of you and your endless pixel wanking. Taste my keyboard of death, motherfucker!"
by lleighto August 16, 2011
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