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A person who consistently craves pity and attention from every person they encounter. "They" always try to play the victim in any situation, and make sure to speak of all the misfortunes in their life that involve them, in hopes of manipulating all those around them, to feel sorry for them.(To throw them a pity party) This person can easily be compared to a parasite, such as a leech. Meaning that their main goal in life is to feed off of and consume any abled bodied person who is willing to reach out and try to help them. Pityphiles will suck you dry and drag you downhill , and still try to make you feel bad for their situation... They are most commonly suffering from a severe case of Co- Dependency... often making them have little to no friends... and only worsening their own situations , which in turn causes them to non stop bitch about their problems to anyone with ears.

This is the common cycle of a pro pityphile. Beware, they are everywhere out there.... whether they know it or not.
Matt: "Hey, we gotta run by Two Teeth Tony's house to drop off some cigarettes and a pop tart.... because he is having a hard time wanting to get up and try to go get a job.... and I feel so bad for the guy."

Travis: " Okay... Just make sure he isnt being a Pityphile again.... He tricked me into giving him multiple different smartphones of mine to "Borrow" after he smashed his own phone because he burnt some popcorn. I felt bad so i gave him 3 of my extra smartphones, and he just kept on taking them apart and breaking them until I didnt have any phones left to give.... and then I realized I was a victim to a professional Pityphile...
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by TheyCallMe...BruisedWang! March 11, 2018
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