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location: east street pittsfield massachusetts.

description of school: the class offerings are better than the other pittsfield high schools. they are ranked 3rd in massachusetts for AP classes. but on the other hand almost half of the students fail the yearly test known the MCAS. all the teachers have sticks shoved up their asses. some of the teachers may be on some of the drugs that students participate in. but overall the academics of the school are good.

sports: most phs sports suck.

football- filled with gay assholes who admit to having small dicks and they cant even win a single game yet they walk around like they own the school.
soccer: run by the spanish teacher who likes to think he's the hue heffner of pittsfield. his soccer team who he has so much passion for sucks ass.

cheerleaders: ghetto.

students: the student population is very diverse. consisting of the mexicans who are about 50% of the population. everyone else is white and then there are few blacks and asians but most blacks go to the other high school in pittsfeild known as taconic. the white students are ghetto and poor and the ones who arent are considered filthy rich even though theyre really not. the students also have ABSOLUTELY NO SCHOOL SPIRIT. its terrible. most students participate in some sort of drug or alcoholic substance. they are either getting high or drunk every weekend but theyre parties are almost usually crashed by the cops.
"hey i go to pittsfield high school!"
"oh really? you can you hook me up with a mexican or maybe some pot?!"
"oh yeah defnitely! want to get drunk with me too this weekend?!"
"yeaah man! we such BAMF's!"
"hell yeah!"
by iouawabmf April 16, 2010
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a wonderful learning environment with supportive teachers and AMAZING athletes with great sportsmanship.
BETTER than Taconic in the areas of exams and diversity. Plus we don't let the ghetto kids run our school. Oh hell, we just excell at everything!! We are destined for greatness while "the others" are destined to drop out,pot heads,drunks, & city known sluts
Pittsfield High School is the best school in the district.
by generals1234 January 11, 2011
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