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To be "Pithled": When among a large group of people, one may find that everyone's acting strangely, unusually and/or differently, for no apparent reason. Thus, confusion and a feeling of non-hostile alienation are experienced by that individual, or sometimes minority group.
Mostly the cause of being pithled is unknown, making it worse. However, some known examples include: An in-joke of which everyone bar you is aware of, being the only sober person at a party, some kind of mass behaviour with no obvious cause e.g. everyone you pass on the street wearing flip-flops on a rainy day without a reason such as a charity event or something, and being much more high than you thought you were, provoking people to wonder why you are acting strangely and in-turn they themselves might act out of character e.g. watching you and laughing or keeping their distance. (Also being high can increase the effects of being pithled.)
by CrackpotCRAIG October 31, 2010
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