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Pitch Stitch is the swagger that cricketers (and wannabes) use when walking. It can commonly be identified by minimal movement in the hip area, an exaggerated leg movement similar to line dancing, and a nod of the head in time with each step.

Pitch Stitch can also describe a stationary stance or Pitch Pose which follows the in motion swagger and is commonly adopted by two batting crickets in the middle ground when the supposed strategy talk is taking place. Pitch Pose is recognisable by shift of weight to one side and the placement of the hand on hip.

Both Pitch Stitch and Pitch Pose can occur off the ground, typically is bars and clubs where it’s accessorised by double vodka red bulls or other forms of liquid cocaine.

Pitch Stitch is frequently used to mask insecurity and may be a symptom of an over inflated ego.
"check out his pitch stitch, looks pretty happy with himself, must have put a couple away last night"
by Tassie16 June 01, 2009
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