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After an evening at a strip club, your wife asks you questions about your evening and when you lie to her, you envision the moment and gain a larger erection each time you lie.
Wife--"Hey Honey, did you get any lap dances?"

Hubby--"No, I just sat on the side and watched." (While thinking about his nude erotic massage, pops a pinocchio beef)
by Connartist4 August 20, 2008
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It's when your penis grows larger every time you lie to your wife or girlfriend after she asks, "Where have you been?"

The enlargement comes from the satisfaction of knowing you and your penis have been having fun without her.
After arriving home late from a night out with his buddies, Dan had to sleep on his side with his back to his wife, the entire night, after she angrily woke up and said, "Where have you been all night?" That way he could hide his Pinocchio Beef.
by I am not Dan August 14, 2008
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