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A word used to describe a pimp who uses new age spiritual concepts to groom, exploit and "turn out" his "bitches".

The etymology of the word is based on a combination of "pimp" and "Bivolaru", the later word referring to the notorious Romanian tantric yoga guru and pimp, Gregorian Bivolaru, currently wanted in Romania on various charges including people trafficking, organising prostitution, enslavement and sex with a minor person.

While used as a common term to describe Bivolaru himself, it may also be used to describe any new age guru who uses his / her influence to exploit vulnerable people within the sex industry for his / her own financial gain.
Hey dude, have you seen that pimpolaru's new porn site, pee pee drinking yoga babes?

Hmmm, I think the chick running that "discover your inner tantric goddess" course is a bit of a pimpolaru. She runs nuff massage parlours in Thailand.

So many sanyassins ended up on the game, that Osho was a real pimpolaru wasn't he?
by busylittlebee June 29, 2009
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