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This usually immediately follows the pimp slap after the hoe hits the ground. usually in the order of three graceful steps following up with a kick.
That bitch ain't got my money so I pimp slapped her then followed up with a pimp kick.
by dshizzle October 02, 2003
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The act of kicking another,like a pimp.
To do so, stand up straight, and if the person is on your left hand side, extend your right leg around behind yourself, and; kick dat bitch like a pimp.(just use left leg if the person is on your right hand side)
franco: "Did you show dat fo not to fuck wit Grove?"

Vince: "Yea foo, I pimp kicked dat mark ass trick}."

"Shutup before you get Pimp Kicked, you trick ass bitch"
by Vince Padilla May 22, 2005
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