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Pimpcentrics is the position of lifestyles practices and actions based on pimpology. pimp is simply identified as 'power in my personality'. as all pimps pride themselves as kings of their world, this ideology can be mimicked in all walks of life. in corporate business, the CEO need to have the mindset that all around them and their position will fail without his or her guidance. you must present a visual to the customer, the clients, the stakeholders, and investors. Pimpcentrics takes the virtues of a no-nonsense pimp and uses the tools to advance in his or her profession.
a pimp can tell if he can get with a young lady before he meets her at ten feet away. in corporate business setting this is still true. with pimpcentricsyou can tell if you have your audience and whether or not you are wasting your time. same with that bum in the street trying to hustle you. this is evident in all walks of business, with pimpcentrics you can tell when someone is trying to pull wool over your eyes in business world.
by $tackadolla April 09, 2015
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