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Someone who consumers too many pills (pingers) and as a result becomes exceedingly mongy.
Oi Jordan you pill muncher, stop scoffing pingers or you're gonna land yourself in the medical tent again.
by pill scoffer J man October 28, 2015
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Someone who chews pills in order to make them work faster. Usually done with oxycontin, MS contin, and other narcotic painrelievers with a continuous relief mechanism that is thus defeated by the munching of such medication.
Requires a blatant disregard for taste and gritty texture to be present within this individual, or just an incredible desperation for a quicker high to be present to warrant the transformation of a "pill popper" to a "pill muncher".
Jessie is now a pill muncher, because she chews rather than swallows.
by mynameismaryjane May 12, 2011
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