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To pikachu around is verb describing a state of being.

If you have two sides of a scale, and on the one you’re performing rigorous and annoying work and on the other side, you’re out with your friends having the time of your life, pikachuing around would fall right in the middle +2 toward the having fun side. It’s the state of not doing something annoying, but at the same time not doing something too exciting.

1)The state of not doing work or something annoying.
2)The state of not having a great time.
3)The most popular uses for pikachuing around are often used when you are a) online, b) watching tv or c) walking around aimlessly and also* in a good mood. (* It is key that you are not indifferent, then it would not be pikachuing around).

Please do not consider #3 to be a limitation to the definintion. A wide variety of other uses exists.

Questions about the reference to pikachu in this definition:

“Pikachu” is specifically used due to the fact that the character pikachu himself is always +2 steps above being indifferent; happy go lucky if you will

Jim: So, did ya have big weekend?
Jenny: No, Bill and I just sat around and watched movies all weekend, basically we just pikachued around.”

“Rather than do his work Brandon eneded up pikachuing around for four hours on”
by km254352 November 16, 2007
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