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A pig on steroids is not actually a pig, it's a bore, who likes to accuse people of eating their fathers. They carry axes or blades and kill anyone who eats pork, even though they are bores. Don't be scared if they accuse you of eating their fathers, just punch them, they will run away and cry. They don't like their fathers, they just want someone to die. Of course they are lying and they would be glade if their fathers got eaten. It's a tradition for fathers to cut their fangs out at 12, around the age when puberty begins. At the end of puberty their fangs grow back and 2 more grow.
Pig: "Ben 10! You ate my father!"
Ben: "No I didn't! I would never do it!"
Pig: "Lies, all lies!!!"
Ben: "Well you are just a pig on steroids!"
Pig: ":("
by Potatomine54 June 15, 2014
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