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The act of doing nothing, stalling, or just plain dicking around.

Used to describe what you are currently doing or what your friends are doing that is going to cause you to be late, or otherwise suffer some penalty, getting somewhere.

Can be used in past and present tense by adding -ed or -ing respectively. (i.e. piddle-pissing; piddle-pissed)

Usually used as a verb to let others know that you, or someone else around you, is piddle-pissing.
"Guys, seriously, stop piddle-pissing or we're going to be late."

The friends piddle-pissed at the mall until the movie was about to start.

"What are you going to do tonight?"
"I duno. All my friends are working, so I'll probably just go home and piddle-piss until they get off work."
by dablainester July 17, 2009
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