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A mind destroying family of diseases that is rising proportions in southern Australia. Similar to a CRAZY mind destroying parasites or BUGS which ACTS passively at first AND eventually succumbs to devouring the LIVES of everyone around them simply TO feed off at a later DATE, survive, AND PROSPER. Metaphorically similar to vampires, but not the blood sucking kind. Will appear nice on the surface, but do not underestimate the danger you are in once you are removed from the inner circle of trust. Close contact with said people can initially be pleasant and fun, even loving, but in most people eventually causes involuntary involvement in illegal activities, mob warfare, defamation, threats, mental illnesses like depression, multiple personality disorder and insanity, eventually leading to suicidal tendencies.
I could say alot more but i think I have made my point.

Once you start experiencing these symptoms and allergies, which for most people is inevitable, you should immediately isolate yourself from said family of diseases, change your phone number, employment, and address, and all social networking sites. Or leave the country. This is the only cure.
An example of a statement from sumeone suffering from Piccolophobia; - "We used to consider them good friends but they destroyed all of our reputations, livelihood and sanity so profoundly that the very thought of some of them in my home sends shivers down my spine, rendering me unable to speak, as if I have experienced god, darth vader, shakespeare, the devil, Don Draper, Frodo, the wicked witch of the west, Moses, al capone, desperately seeking susan, Edward Cullen, mussolini, napoleon, the dancing queen, the mad hatter, jesus, mary, and joseph simultaneously in one family and one room, just waiting for someone to speak first.

People who you'll spend a lifetime trying to forget about.
Just a friendly warning."
by RIP me April 30, 2011
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