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The greatest fraternity that ever existed. Composed of individuals who are the most athletic, fuck the hottest girls, and maintain exemplary grades. Referred to as "The Shit." PiLams are known for being non-discriminatory towards everybody and propagate freedom for all men of all creeds.
Pi Lambda Phi parties are the craziest, wildest, and funnest. Hot girls feel blessed to have been fucked by a PiLam member.
by slimm jim April 25, 2006
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Guy Random Guy. This is a fraternity composed of nothing but random guys who have nothing in common. Their parties are always lame and the ladies at the party are either fat, nasty, or fat and nasty. They are also gay.
Josh: I am a member of Pi Lambda Phi.

Matt: You mean Guy Random Guy.
by Semour Butts February 20, 2008
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The members of this fraternity are genuine "bros" in the fact that none of them know how to treat women with true respect. They search for easy freshmen that they can get trashed so they can take advantage of them. They are all boob crazed children who will never mature and will also never amount to much in life.
Pi lambda phi member: "what?! Girls are flashing in the main room... go go go !"
by respectable girl December 04, 2011
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