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A rare disease when any farmer who enjoys fucking sheep next to a cliff, while preforming the farmer chew. Native to north eastern Pennsylvania. The individuals are also known to have native American girlfriends who do the Indian earth quake dance while watching the individual fuck a sheep.
The Dr stated to the patient that I am diagnosing you with Phyititis, and there is a new trial out for a cure, which involves fucking your first born child and complication on their face. Pregnancy is highly frowned upon, due to DNA changes in the family tree and the poor defencelis sheep.

Noted side effects of this strange but curable disease are Drippy Dick, Peg Leg Walk, Thin Hair, Rapid Tooth Loss, Impulsive and overwhelming credit card use. Purchacing snowmobiles from the 1970's and being convinced that you are a native American. In particullar belonging to the Me wompem fuckem squaw tribe.
by the pigglie wigglies March 05, 2011
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