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Quite possibly the most influential Halo 2 and Halo 3 montage maker of all time. He is known by almost every gamer out there. He has had countless hits such as "Eclectic" and "Phurion and Fluxy Dualtage." I actually had the honor to sit down and talk to him about his future plans during an interview with him on June 28th, 2008. He says that he plans to retire soon and just enjoy life. He wants to cross-breed a poodle and a rabbit in the near future. He also told me, "Yeah, basically I just want to experiment with things that no one has ever done before. For example, I already have a whole plan wrote out on feeding a horse purple food coloring, see... And then eventually it would turn purple right? So then after it turns purple you feed to the lions." I really didn't understand this complex plan, but I'm sure this would most definitely do good in the gaming world. He also told me that he enjoys sitting down with his pet ferrets and eating a nice meal of tater-tot bagel mix with a cup of low fat pomegranate milk with a half a teaspoon of BBQ. In conclusion, this one man will forever change the face of the earth.
What the fuck, you just got Phurion'd, bitchcopter???
by John Heneberry July 05, 2008
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